U N I T Y  S A M A
Persian Music & Sufi Whirling
SEP 26 2014  |  Fairview Library Theatre
35 Fairview Mall Dr. TORONTO ON
Coming from Vancouver, accomplished tar and setar player Ali Razmi (on setar and vocal) in duet with Pedram Khavarzamini (on tombak), one of the world's foremost Iranian tombak players. Guest musicians include Soley on vocals and Siavash Kaveh (on kamanche and daf). The evening will be completed with the prayer of the Whirling Dervishes in Sama (mystical audition and dance). TICKETS

S E M A  S P A C E
E S P A C E  S E M A

SEP 26 2014  |  1-3PM  |  $20 suggested donation
Fairview Library Theatre  |  35 Fairview Mall Dr.

4th Sundays of the month
SEP 28 2014  |  2-4PM  |  by donation
Nyata Nyata Dance Studio 
4374 boul. St. Laurent 2nd floor
These gatherings are for anyone wishing to work on the elements of whirling; the powerful, challenging and ecstatic moving meditation of Rumi, the Sufi Whirling Dervishes and beyond. The future is ancient. Bring your passion, patience, loose clothing and good socks. info@mothertonguemedia.com
Upcoming in Montreal:
OCT 26  canceled

NOV 23  1/2 day retreat, contact for details

DEC 28  regular session

W O R D S  A L O U D
NOV 7-9 2014  |  Durham Art Gallery
251 George St. E. DURHAM ON
Performances by Giles Benaway, Karen Connelly, Mary Dalton, Tanya Evanson, Charles Hamilton, Sheniz Janmohamed, Shane Rhodes, and Katherena Vermette and a dance performance by "For Body and Light".

S P O K E N  W O R D  J A M
W/  T A N Y A  E V A N S O N

Music & Spoken Word
DEC 18 2014  |  7PM  |  Aga Khan Museum
77 Wynford Dr. TORONTO ON
Word meets music when poets improvise with live world musicians. The evening will feature spoken word poetics by Tanya Evanson and Sheniz Janmohammed and an ensemble of local musicians. Audience members will be encouraged to sign up for the open mic and participate as the “griot” while musicians listen and support.

T H E  4 T H  L I G H T
N I Y A Z  W/  T A N Y A  E V A N S O N

Music & Sufi Whirling
DEC 20 2014  |  8PM  |  Aga Khan Museum
77 Wynford Dr. TORONTO ON
Niyaz, whose name means “yearning” in Persian, Urdu, and Turkish, joins with semazen Tanya Evanson to celebrate the winter solstice with a special performance inspired by the theme of light. Combining music, dance, and spoken word, this performance also links contemporary electronica with traditional instruments such as kamaan, lafta, and kanun. Featured musicians include Azam Ali, Loga Ramin Torkian, Didem Başar, Gabriel Ethier, and Kattam Laraki-Côté.

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