process . there are no mistakes

Shannon Moreno
ANU 2001
The ANU Artistic Director recruits over a dozen Artists from various disciplines. The goal is to seek out Artists who are willing to explore the unscripted human drama that exists outside the framework of their own individual art practice. Through a series of 3 (up to 5) meetings, Artists learn each others’ distinct languages: the cultural significance of instruments, technical capabilities, artistic approach as well as potential cues to see, hear, feel, respond and support each other to maximize creative potential.

meeting one . dialogue & playtime

Each Artist introduces her/his work, medium, motivation and expectations to the group. There is discussion of theme. The Artistic Director is a catalyst for communication and directs a conducted improvisation with focus on group celebration.
meeting two . listening

This is a more in-depth meeting. Conducted improvisation occurs with focus on small group work. This allows for more intense listening, fuller individual performance, deeper manifestation of theme and patience. Technical requirements are also established.
meeting three . performance