Martin Budny
ANU 2 2002

ANU is performed in the round. Dancers have a large, central, circular space and Visual Artists work in the outer perimeter facing large canvases with a continuous spotlight to expose their ongoing, time-based creations. There are no scripts; Artists enter only with their individual practice, intimacy with the group and awareness of theme and audience.

During the performance, the unseen Artistic Director literally shines the light (of creation) on Artists. This is their call to enter the narrative according to the texture of the moment. They do this in spontaneous arias, curious fragments of thought, bone-chilling ensembles, sweeping movements, and explosions of color and light – sometimes concurrently, often sequentially, or solo. When not performing, Artists listen and cultivate their intentions. They surrender to the light, to themselves, and eventually to each other as they walk a collaborative path towards unity in sight, sound and movement. The performance lasts 1.5 hours.
artistic & collaborative merit
ANU is akin to an interdisciplinary artist residency that commissions fresh work by unifying diverse Artists under a concept and theme. It creates space to support and increase artistic excellence and knowledge. There is also continuity as some Artists are asked to return, work with a new group and theme. This creates a unique mentorship system (student becomes teacher) to stretch artistic boundaries and create strong enough personal and professional links to sustain spontaneous collaborations that tell a story, entertain and engage the audience.
arts & community impact
Refreshed by this original form of improvisation, ANU Artists take the concept, contacts and emotional experience back into their respective communities as seeds for future work and collaboration. ANU is now an artist network that has grown to include some 200 Artists worldwide.

ANU increases awareness, understanding and celebration of the positive contributions of diverse communities by featuring cooperation between cultures and disciplines. Audience members experience original sensory stimuli from movement and chaos to silence and symphony while exploring the theme alongside woman Artists. All of this is followed by post-performance dialogue between Artists and audience.