Atmasphere Art Society was a non-profit organization that produced ANU 2, 3, 4, 5 & 6. It was founded in June 2002 in Vancouver BC, Canada. Founding members include (clockwise from left) Melanie Phillips, Joni Miller, Jabbar Al Janabi, Shannon Moreno  and Julia Wollrab.
To develop and promote new live post-modern practices in music, dance, visual art, spoken word, song and multi-media, by way of theatrical, and experiential cross-disciplined collaboration.
mandate 1. to provide an environment for artists to create, converse, and collaborate, with artists of different disciplines
2. to bridge artist and community, using the avant-garde to discover new methods of relating
3. to innovate new live movements, sounds, images, voices, and words
4. to bring together all of Canada’s cultures, its true spirit, in peace and creativity
5. to provide collaborative, multi-disciplined performances and workshops that provoke dialogue between artists and communities
6. to provide British Columbian, and Canadian communities with enlightening, engaging theatrical experiences.